Digital Court Reporting

digital court reporting

Digital Court Reporting is an alternative to traditional stenography.  Instead of dispatching costly stenographers, digital court reporters make a high quality recording of the proceeding.  The digital file is then sent to a professional legal transcriber.   Our digital court reporting audio files are backed up several times on-site and off-site using state of the art encryption to ensure that your lawsuit is protected with the utmost discretion.

Why Use Digital Court Reporting?

Digital Court Reporting is taking the court reporting industry by storm. The new system is incredibly efficient saving time, money, and manpower for reporters and attorneys alike. Since digital court reporters require far less training compared to their stenographic counterparts, attorneys can observe a cost saving of up to 40% of typical page rates and appearance fees. While creating a good audio recording of a proceeding is paramount to creating a good transcript, the real talent comes in with the legal transcribers.  Many legal transcribers are former stenographers who’ve decided to work from home.

Benefits of Digital Court Reporting

Digital court reporters are equipped with professional digital recording systems capable of recording four or more channels (tracks) simultaneously, ensuring that broadcast quality audio is captured 100% of the time. The multi-channel system enables the transcriber to isolate voices during transcription should participants speak over each other or rattle papers near a microphone.  In essence, the transcriber has the ability to hear the proceeding from a variety of vantage points providing for consistently accurate transcripts.

What You Can Expect from Naples Reporting:

  • 50% Faster Transcript Delivery

  • 100% Verifiably Accurate

  • Preservation of Foreign Language Testimony

  • Complimentary Audio Files, Word Indices, and Condensed Copies*

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*With the purchase of a transcript. Audio provided upon request.