Legal Video Services

Naples Reporting provides the best legal video services in southwest Florida with our high definition, tapeless equipment.

Legal video services have evolved over the years. We’ve been from VHS to DVD, but now at Naples Reporting, the sky is the limit. With our state-of-the-art high definition cameras combined with our cinema-class editing platform, we’re able to create clear, vibrant video in virtually any lighting condition.

We are the only court reporting firm in Naples offering high-definition legal video. We can also provide your videos in a variety of formats, from a standard DVD or Blu-Ray disc to a compact mp4 to take on your smartphone or iPad. We can even upload your legal videos to our private and secure YouTube and Vimeo channels so that you can stream it on the plane ride home, in as little as one hour after the deposition.

Legal Video services are great for:

Legal Video Camera

  • Depositions
  • Will Signings
  • Pre-nuptual Agreement Signings
  • Day In The Life Videos
  • Independent or Compulsory Medical Examinations
  • Hassle-Free Courtroom Playback

Give Your Client the Cutting Edge with Legal Video

If you haven’t utilized the use of a legal video specialist for your depositions, you’re missing out. Video depositions can be very powerful trial presentation and mediation tools that let the your audience understand more about the mood and validity of testimony.  Without seeing facial expressions or listening to sarcasm, it’s often very difficult for a jury to understand what actually happened or what was actually learned at a deposition. Although we provide a very accurate transcript here at Naples Reporting, sometimes a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Creating Powerful Trial Presentations is Easy with Legal Video Sync

Our synchronizing service make it a breeze to make clips of your legal video and show them to a mediator or jury, side-by-side, with the transcript.   Let your audience see what the witness was saying.  Synced legal videos allow you to make clips in a matter of seconds in order to impeach a witness on the fly, or make last minute presentation decisions in trial or mediation.